About Us

Instyle Homes, market real estate player and custom homes builder from 2009. We stand on premium value homes affordable. We believe Washington state residents deserve quality homes great located and well equipped with appliances, furniture, and premium materials. 

We believe that everybody deserves to have a home, to love and leave on there with a peace of mind, we build those houses. From scratches, taking care of every detail, we build modern houses in great locations and with quality materials. 

Our vision

Dream. Build. Live.

Dream. Build. Live., as a core of our vision, there are the 3 fundamental pylons we belive and helping us building great homes. Everything begins with the dream, we dreaming first, we dream our life, our future, but not only us, but the dreamer part also belongs to homeowners too, everybody dreams for a great, peaceful house, nice, location, well-illuminated spaces, safe and healthy entourage. Everything begins with a dream. We do our part as a builder, we imagine, we do blueprints and make this real. And the last part this is our precious customers, you, who choose us and became a part of Instyle Homes family members. We are a family, we do great things together.